• Esterification / Etherification;
  • Phosphating;
  • Ink encapsulation;
  • Emulsions;
  • Amidation;
  • Sulfation / Sulfitation;
  • Amphoterization / Quaternization;
  • Oxidation;
  • Neutralizations.

Molecular Combining Technology


We call MCT technology our ability to make through a smart molecule combination, a new and high performance range of products.



Foam Control Silicone Agents

Foam is a frequent common problem for a wide range of applications and industries. Lack of foam control can cause overflow, interfere with processes and packaging, and damage materials or equipment. Silicone antifoams can help solve all of these challenges efficiently and effectively.

MAXSIL & ADIFLEX antifoam agents, due to its innovative MCT technology, delivers superior performance compared to other antifoam technologies.

Created to deliver immediate as well as long term foam control in aqueous and no aqueous systems, these highly efficient silicone antifoams can be used in formulations, or as processing aids, defoamers, deaeration materials and foam preventers in a wide range of industries, such as:

  • Agrochemical production;
  • Bioethanol production;
  • Chemical manufacturing;
  • Construction products;
  • Textile industry;
  • Synthetic lubricants;
  • Household cleaners and laundry detergents;
  • Metal working fluids;
  • Oil and gas production;

Silicone antifoams, coupled with our MCT technology, can face any application with better performance results compared to regular silicone antifoams.


Advantages of silicone antifoam:

  • Reduced dosage due to improved efficiency related to MCT technology;
  • Reduce foam control maintenance costs (lower your cost in use, better residual effect);
  • Stable over a wide range of temperatures and pH levels compared to similar products;
  • More cost efficient compared to regular silicone antifoam.


Silicone antifoam

Specialty Surfactants

1. Silicone Surfactants

Silicone surfactants, contain both a water-insoluble silicone backbone and a number of water-soluble polyether pendant groups. The ratio of the silicone to polyether, and the molecular weight and composition of the components determine the solubility and specific properties of a product. These products exist as multi-pendant and linear di-functional polymers. We offer a broad range of silicone polyethers as well as custom-designed products for specific applications.

2. Phosphate Esters Surfactants

We have a range of anionic phosphate ester surfactants used in agrochemicals, among other applications. In agrochemicals, phosphate esters provide wetting, emulsifying and dispersing properties that are useful in concentrates, herbicides, and pesticide formulation. These phosphate esters offer low static and dynamic surface tensions.

3. Etoxilated vegetal oil Surfactants - Sustainable agriculture

In order to feed the world a balance of environmental impact, decrease in resource consumption, accelerated innovation, and growing consumer demand for safer and more sustainable agriculture will have to be met. Our specialty agrochemical solutions are enabling all segments of the agricultural industry to improve productivity and sustainability - from crop protection to plant nutrition.

For the agricultural sector, the journey of continuous progress goes beyond business innovation and growth to reach a world connected to nature and the inherent need to preserve resources to create sustainable shared value for the future.

4. Chemical Intermediates

For the formulations of multifunctional agriculture adjuvants.