A wide range of applications and industries

Complete range of antifoams for various fields of industrial application:

Foam Supression Additives:

  • Antifoam Silicone emulsions;
  • Acid resistant silicone emulsions;
  • Surfactant compatible antifoam;
  • Mineral and vegetal oils compatible antifoam;
  • Antifoams with long lasting residual effect;
  • Mineral and vegetal oil based antifoam;
  • Block copolymer antifoams;
  • MiFermentation proccess antifoam;
  • High electrolyte medium compatible antifoam.

Specialty Surfactants:

  • Eco friendly oil emulsifiers;
  • Ester derivatives surfactants;
  • Silicone surfactants;
  • Formula stabilizer aditives;
  • Dispersion agents;
  • Acid resistant spreading agents;
  • Surfactants for oil spray solutions;
  • Silicone spreading agents;
  • Humectants.

Chemical Intermediates:

  • Foam Supression / Spreading;
  • Spreading / Sticker;
  • Drift control / Spreading / Foam supression;
  • PH reduction / Foam Supression / Spreading / Drift Control;
  • Foam supression / Spreading / Penetration;
  • Sticker / Spreading / Foam Supression;
  • Drift control / Spreading / Evaporation control;
  • Foam Supression / Spreading / Acid resistant;
  • Self emulsifying oils.


  • Fluorescent pigments and dyes.
Agrochemical production

Silicones and Esters intermediates.

  • Increase manufacturing efficiency and reduce the need for resource consumption;
  • Enable 3D printing with new materials;
  • Ensure the smooth, safe and efficient operation of manufacturing equipment;
  • Deliver effective heating and cooling in chemical processing;
  • Empower productivity throughout the manufacturing process from compounding and creation to finishing and clean up.
Chemical manufacturing

Special antifoam additives and Esters derivatives.

  • Provide natural and synthetic fibers that meet a range of performance and regulatory requirements;
  • Develop unique, high-performance coatings that impart superior feel, water repellency and resistance to abrasion and soiling;
  • Achieve reductions in cycle time and required rinses;
  • Offer brighter colors on cotton while reducing water, energy, dye and chemical use.
Textile industry

Special antifoam additives and Esters intermediates.

  • Non-varnishing lowers downtime, facilitates long-term system integrity and eliminates potential for varnish and sludge formation;
  • Faster air release reduces potential for micro-dieseling and cavitation;
  • Cooler operation due to lower frictional losses, enabling smaller sumps and extending fluid life;
  • Inherently biodegradable and low toxicity;
  • Water-tolerant;
  • Increased energy efficiency by reducing friction, increasing equipment durability and improving both fuel economy and operational reliability;
  • Available in low toxicity to meet food and beverage processing standards for use where incidental contamination may occur;
  • Readily biodegradable, non-bio-accumulative, have low eco-toxicity, and are non-sheening for use in environmentally sensitive applications;
  • Can be formulated into high-performance fluids that can endure extreme temperatures and enable safe formulations for harsh operating conditions;
  • Broad range of multifunctional ingredients, including amines for pH and corrosion control and surfactants for emulsification.